13 weeks, 9 troubled teens, 5 experts and the chance to turn their life around.

In TCFS?, nine teens – aged 13 to 15 – on the edge of academic failure embark on an incredible three-month life makeover with the help of a “swat team” of health and wellness experts. Each week, these five professionals (a psychologist, a fitness trainer, a medical doctor, a nutritionist and remedial educator) will guide the teens while giving them the necessary tools to achieve scholastic success. The challenge will certainly not be easy, as our young participants must face their health and wellness program head-on if they wish to change their future. At the end of the 13 weeks, having learned the importance of uniting body, mind and soul, the group will also produce a show to dazzle their fellow schoolmates.

Will our teens find the strength to succeed, or will they still believe they are “too cool for school”? 

Sales Sheet

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