Real people. Real problems. Real change…

The journey to make the world a better place starts with one good deed.

The basis for this show, and for life, is simple, yet POWERFUL: Find people that need help, and HELP them. There’s only one catch: Once a person has received help, he or she must pay it forward and help someone else. Together, we will create a chain reaction of kindness, like ripples in a pond.

It all starts with a card with the words “Pay it Forward”. If you have this card, your goal is to pass it on. The only way to do so, is to help someone. Once you’ve helped, that person now has to take the card and help someone else. Like wildfire, kindness has the capacity to spread and touch every human on this planet. Then, and only then, can we make this world a better place.

Created over a decade ago, the original Quebec format “Donnez au suivant”, has had record-breaking ratings for 8 seasons and transformed the lives of over 10 000 people and counting…  On top of having won many prestigious awards, the series is the only one in Quebec’s history to air on three different networks.

This is not just a format, it’s a movement… It’s a phenomenon!

Sales Sheet

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