A never-before-seen Talent Show in search of the country’s best amateur painter. Do these contestants have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the masters and get exhibited in a top museum?

This is a new kind of competition that celebrates creativity, talent, beauty, artistry, technique and the human spirit! 50 amateur painters compete to follow in the footsteps of an iconic painter. In the end, only one will be named a master-painter and have their work shown in a museum. They are given weekly timed challenges, and are judged by three experts: A well-known artist, a respected museum curator and a guest celebrity. Who will become the next master painter?!

Unique to this format is that beyond being judged, the artists are taught by specialists and artists that help them hone their talent each week. Raw, emotional and under-pressure, this series shows how each participant grows as an artist and as a person.