180 DAYS

5 young students – all in their 20s – will move into a nursing home. For six months they live alongside the regular nursing-home residents and take part in their everyday lives. Meanwhile, they go about their daily business as students. During the 180 days, the students receive free accommodations and meals at the home, in return for putting in a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer work a month (an hour per day) with their elderly neighbors. They must participate in birthdays, gatherings, walks, social time and cleaning.

All their meals are with the residents.

Can the students stand to live in a nursing home despite the favorable financial conditions? Will they be able to integrate themselves in the daily routine? Will they have a better understanding of what it is like to grow old and the conditions we offer our elders today? Will they be able to contribute with new ideas on how to improve the daily life in a nursing home? And what about the residents – will they be able to accept the students there? Will they find comfort in the company of their new young friends and be less lonely?

Prejudices are broken and real bonds are created.

Sales Sheet

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