Montreal-based format production and distribution company Media Ranch is changing the way it approaches formats to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Canadian outlet is now focusing on what it calls ‘QTFs,’ short for quick-turnaround formats, CEO Sophie Ferron told C21.

“People are very much interested now in getting post-Covid content. A lot of people are reaching out to us and are all looking for the next best format,” Ferron said.

“So we created a new category called QTFs – quick-turnaround formats – because everybody is seeking us out to get those formats that are quick and high volume and easy to produce post-Covid.”

Explaining that it can be difficult to find formats that tick all the QTF boxes in the current climate, Ferron listed the key elements of such titles: “Not a lot of lead time, not a lot of pre-production necessary, and something you can do in high volume, but also it has to have that big idea as well

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