Recognizing the production challenges that the unscripted entertainment industry is facing, Media Ranch has come up with the Quick Turnaround Format (QTF) category, with high-quality but easy-to-deliver content. Sophie Ferron, the company’s founder, president and executive director, shares the details.


TV FORMATS: What led Media Ranch to develop the QTF?
FERRON: Even before COVID-19, we felt there was a gold rush toward unscripted formats. We created the Quick Turnaround Format category because we knew that unscripted content would be in high demand. We realized that as soon as people are able to get back to work, shows will take months to complete and deliver in the traditional way of producing—leading to a potential gap where the supply will not easily meet the demand. Thus, we developed QTFs (and QTF adaptations of proven unscripted formats) so that producers can create high-quality, easy-to-deliver content within a low-risk environment.

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