Talpa (Germany), WeMake (French) and Matchbox Pictures/NBCUniversal Studios (Australia) have optioned Media Ranch’s format “Watch!”, created by producers Dan Munday and John Kirhoffer.

It is an epic new format that mixes emotional and exhilarating world-class performances with a high stakes game show! 2 teams of 4 are positioned on the stage to witness the greatest variety show. The teams need to use their memory skills about the acts they just watched… because the more they remember, the more money they win.

Media Ranch Founder, President and Executive Producer, Sophie Ferron, stated: ‘Watch! is an exhilarating, multi-action family program that tests everyone’s memory. We are thrilled that industry-heavyweights with strong track records such us Talpa, WeMake and Matchbox understand the enormous entertainment value that Watch! brings to the stage’.

‘We are taking Watch! to MIPCOM where we anticipate continued high interest, based on the enthusiastic response we received in the short time pitching the show. Media Ranch is fortunate to attract the very best creative partners in the world such as Dan and John, and look forward to meeting others at the market’.

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