Steel Panther are getting their own show and it could become the most metal thing on TV. The band recently inked a deal with an LA based production company to film a scripted TV series. This means we’ll be getting to know more about the hilarious lives of Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx, and Stix Zadinia.

The show will follow the band through their comedic sex, drug, and rock and roll fueled excipades. The media release about the upcoming metal program gives a few more details about Steel Panther’s TV show. [Via Metal Insider]

“Canadian producer Media Ranch is developing a scripted comedy series about US comedy glam-rock band Steel Panther.”

“The project comes out of an exclusive worldwide linear TV and digital rights deal signed by Media Ranch and the band.”

“The series, which will be distributed globally by LA-based GRB Entertainment, will follow the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll-fuelled lives of vocalist Michael Starr, lead guitarist Satchel, drummer Stix Zadinia and bassist Lexxxi Foxx.”

Steel Panther’s show is guaranteed to be awesome. The guys are absolutely outrageous and hilarious. It’s great to see heavy metal getting a spot on the air. The show will soon begin development while there is no information on where the show will be broadcast.